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§ 1  collection and processing of data

The contribution of the service of the operator requires the collection, processing and use of personal data.

For this the own conveyed data and the data rank among the search of the Aupair, and/or the hostfamily. In addition also the pictures belong. A subsequent treatment takes place only, if the customer of the collection, storage, processing and use with the recourse to our services resulting and for its execution of the necessary personal data agreed by the operator or through from the operator assigned enterprise by confirmation of the general trading conditions.

The user of our service it is well-known that the data and pictures of its profile are visible on our site for other announced customers. The data passed on to the prospective customers contain additionally email address, telephone numbers and the indicated address.

§ 2  purpose of the data acquisition and storage

The data are stored for the purpose of the representation of the user in the application profile observable by other users. Date and time of the profile production, as well as date and time the latter of in each case log in are stored, in order to be able to constitute the last contact.

Detailed one and outgoing messages are stored for making communication possible between the users among themselves and to the later recallableness by the user. The messages in the post office entrance and post office exit of the own profile are at any time erasable thereby by the user.

The user consents to the collection, processing and use of the data for the purposes mentioned.


§ 3  information on stored information


The customer is entitled free of charge to at any time see the personal data stored to its person with the operator.

The operator is entitled, however not obligated to change or remove to examine texts provided by the customer, high-loaded photos and/or diagram files for their compatibility with valid right as well as these trading conditions and - if necessarily - respective contents.


§ 4  security in the InterNet

The customer it is further well-known that the data security cannot be ensured with data communication in the Internet after the present state of the art yet comprehensively. The customer takes care to that extent of the security of the data themselves conveyed by him in the Internet.

The user consents to the passing on of his data to police, responsible authorities or organs of the justice (in particular public prosecutor's office, courts), if the suspicion of the abuse justified due to complaints exists. Such an abuse is present, if the profile under injury of laws or against the regulations of the AGB of the operator is used.


§ 5  deletion of the data


The customer can at any time delete after logging in its complete data.


§ 6  revocation of declarations of consent

The user can at any time recall the given consent in the collection, storage, use and passing on of its data with effect for the future.

In this case AUP air contact deletes the complete data immediately.


§ 7  consent


With his registration with Aupaircontact and the confirmation of the data protection regulations the customer explains itself in agreement with the use. 


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